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Gas that is used to fill the space between two panes of glass to increase insulation.

Glass cover for a courtyard.

The distance from one edge of post to the edge of the next.

Base well:
Also known as a pony wall or knee wall. A short wall that is below the glass.

Finish aluminum trim to cover screws or unfinished material differences.

The moisture that deposits on the glass due to temperature changes.

The direction of heat as it flows from one solid material to another throught direct contact.

A classically designed sunroom.

The direction of heat as is flows through gas or liquid.

Double Pane:
Two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed making it a sealed unit with air or gas between them.

Where the front wall meets the roof.

Metal material that is used to waterproof between layers of construction.

Base of a foundation wall, usually concrete.

A wall that something is built on or supported by.

Front Wall:
The full front length of the sunroom between the two gable walls.

Gable End:
The sidewall or end of a sunroom.

A system of glass, gaskets, sealants, framing and any other component used in installation of glass.

Glazing Track:
The base of an extrusion that holds the glass in place.

A track that collects rain or condensation of water and diverts it to the drain.

Heat Transfer:
How heat flows from hot to cold. There are three methods of this, convection, conduction or radiation.

The dimension that is the same as the front wall.

Low E Glass:
Polaritic coating applied to the surface of glass that reflects long wave energy.

Horizontal member used to support the bottom and top edge of sunroom.

Support member that extends between the ridge and front wall.

Shading Coefficiency:
Measure of how glass transmits solar heat. SILL: Horizontal member that is installed first on the floor or pony wall.

Single Glaze:
One layer of glass.

Solar Control:
The ability of glass to resist heat flow from the sunís direct radiation, the short wave energy that lies near visible light in the spectrum.

Solar Cool Bronze Glass:
A type of glass that has a heat reflective coating. This type of glass reduces the amount of heat entering your sunroom.

Describes the rate of non solar heat gain or loss through glass.

Weepage System:
A series of holes and channels in the aluminum framing system that allows accumulated moisture to escape outside.



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