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Sunroom Glass Options - LE 3 Performance Glass

A new standard

Global Solarium introduces LE 3, the ultimate performance glass. It just might make all other Low-E glass obsolete. LE 3 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility, and it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live. The secret? An unprecedented triple layer of silver. This is beyond ordinary low-E glass; LE 3 sets the new standard.

Low-E times three makes the difference

LE 3 glass, now with three layers of year-round thermal protection, the benefits are exceptional. The result: a clear coating that blocks even more solar gain than ever before, reflects heat and lets the light stream in.

Energy savings all year long

The full-year benefits of LE 3 can be clearly seen. When the temperature ... Read More

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